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Celebrate culture and the environment with unique recycled Aboriginal mats

Our exclusive Aboriginal mat designs invite you to celebrate Aboriginal art with rich colours and educational motifs commissioned from indigenous Australian artists. Our unique designs are made from 100% recycled materials like polypropylene, car tyres and PET drink bottles, making them hard wearing, comfortable and good for the planet. Display your culture with pride or just enjoy the distinctive designs and many potential uses of these beautiful indoor/outdoor mats.

Authentic Aboriginal design mats

Each of our rugs and runners has been designed by indigenous artists including De Greer Yindimincarlie from the Wiradjuri nation and Helen Price of Darumbal Country. As authentic indigenous designs, they are culturally appropriate to be walked on or sat on. Our recycled floor mats make fantastic multicultural resources for classrooms by encouraging young people to explore the diverse shapes and images of Aboriginal art and the stories of indigenous Australians. Mix and match designs to create a bright, multicultural vibe in your school, childcare centre, library or church.

Lightweight, hard wearing Aboriginal mats

Our unique Aboriginal design mats are UV treated to avoid colour fade. They are mould resistant, washable, quick drying and light weight making them totally versatile for indoor or outdoor play or picnics, and easy to transport to your school event or family outing. Our Aboriginal mats are popular as hard wearing childcare mats, festival seating and camping rugs. They’re colourful, practical, eco friendly and educational without compromising on comfort and style.

Recycled Aboriginal mats are the versatile décor choice for your home or classroom. Choose from our unique designs online today.


  • Thank you- my mats arrived today- and I am thrilled with them! Thank you for such a great product- once my friends & family see them, they'll be ordering them too. Regards Kelly

  • "I received my beautiful mat today. It is going to be the envy of all the other teachers at my school. I am SO impressed with your outstanding service and beautiful products. My little Kindergarten/ Year One students, will love our deadly new classroom mat! Thank you so much Erin.

  • "JJ your mat is the best thing I have EVER had in my living area, I used to get really grumpy when the kids did stuff cause of the damage they made to my old rugs, but I can just hit these with a hose - AWESOMENESS - Yes, now 1 stress free mummy, will take 2 children & mat to play under hose, Bye."  Renee

  • My Nans door mat arrived the other day n she loves it. Ours arrived yesterday n our 2yr old has claimed it to sit on Denise & Larry


  • The new mat in my lovely lounge, I love it. My two dogs Minnie and Benji also love the mat. It looks beautiful or am I being a bit biased! Yr beautiful runner mat that arrived this week too (another order that I placed). It looks so beautiful in my Dining Room. I love it. Thank you. I can't wait for the others to come. Am thinking I might get 2 more of these as well. Also looking to getting a couple as gifts for special ones for Christmas. Will have to see how I go with a bit of extra work first. I love the mats and so does my Senior Elder, The gorgeous Auntie B. I love the easy clean and the fresh look always. X Thank you for sharing a wonderful product with so many, especially as it is from my Aboriginal brothers and sisters across the water. Thank you, thank you Dyan

  • My mats arrived yesterday and love the mat and card game, will be purchasing again.


  •  "Congratulations, I have purchased 5 of your mats so far, love each one of them, everyone only has wonderful comments on them & their use is so versatile from the living room floor, patio, beach & kids parties have been a real hit & looks like my family are receiving them for Christmas this year. Glad your idea has become your dream & thanks for giving us mob cultural items to be proud of :) Every success in the future, thanks Brigette"

     I might have to buy a second one! Ours gets so much use! It is the floor of our camp kitchen when we go camping, it is the floor all the kids sprawl out on at sporting carnivals ( fits perfectly under a 3x3 gazebo), it's the training mat in the back yard for KungFu, and when it's not anywhere else it is in the living room with bean bags on it where the kids hang out for gaming, parties and sleepovers. Sandi

    Thank you so much for the mats and card game that I received today.
    As  a Foster carer, its hard to get resources for the kids that help them maintain their Aboriginal culture/identity. The mats certainly are a great way of doing this.
    I have forwarded your email and facebook address to the kids school and their day care centre as well as the local support agency and Child safety.
    Hopefully you will bet some business from them. Regards Narelle



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